IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39
IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39

Training has always been one of the cornerstones of Local 39's success. Under the leadership of Business Manager Bart Florence, Local 39 continues its unwavering commitment to provide quality training to both public and private sector members.

The Local 39 Training and Education Department offers courses and seminars in a variety of disciplines ranging from Air Conditioning and Refrigeration to Water Treatment. Educational opportunities are constantly reviewed and updated to keep pace with changing technology and the skills demanded by today's workplace.

Local 39's training centers in San Francisco and Sacramento feature state-of-the-art facilities with a full-time staff of education coordinators and highly skilled instructors. Employers have a high degree of confidence in the training that Local 39 provides. In fact, employers are some of the biggest boosters of the Union's training program. They know that their employees who attend Local 39's training receive top-notch, up-to-date, legally certifiable skills that make them invaluable assets.

Local 39 also offers an Apprenticeship Program that combines classroom technical instruction with on-the-job training that is recognized as one of the most complete and successful in the nation.

The training program that Stationary Engineers, Local 39 offers to all its members is what separates Local 39 from other Unions. Training and improving job skills allows Local 39 members to achieve their highest potential and allows the Union to take a strong position, on their behalf, at the bargaining table.

Training now, and in the future, will keep Local 39 members and the Union strong and productive.

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The Stationary Engineers Local 39 Training Department is committed to providing the highest level of job-related training available for both Apprentices and Journeypersons. The targeted objective is to ensure that individuals who successfully complete training programs sponsored by the Northern California and Northern Nevada Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Joint Labor/Management Training Fund) have obtained the basic skills needed to perform their respective job duties.