IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39
IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39

To all Local 39 Members,


We are in a unique time in this country and around the world. The Coronavirus has changed everything as we know it. We at Local 39 are constantly monitoring every possible source to get the latest information as it relates to health concerns and working issues. Unfortunately, there are many unknowns and conditions are changing on an hourly basis.


We are attempting to follow all guidelines issued by appropriate agencies while still being responsive to our members and employers. Many of our members work in jobs that are considered essential positions and will likely be continuing to work. Others are experiencing closures or lack of work, such as in hotels, casino’s, entertainment and sports venues, etc. Many of our members work in hospitals, prisons, water treatment facilities, roads, etc. and are considered essential personnel. We anxiously wait for the determination of who will work and who will be directed to stay at home.


There will be a lot of questions regarding how pay and benefits will be affected during this time. While we do not have definitive answers to all the questions at this time, we will work diligently through the problems with you. As I said before, this is a unique situation and we will do everything we can to help you through this.


The Mayor of San Francisco has ordered residents to shelter in place at this time. We believe this may spread to other Cities and Counties. This does not automatically mean that members cannot go to work, each situation will be analyzed separately. It does mean, however, that the San Francisco office of Local 39 will not be open for business as usual. You will still be able to call in for assistance and our Business Representatives will be available to help you and/or meet with you within the guidelines established by public agencies and health departments.


We expect this situation to expand to other areas and we are preparing for such contingencies. It is our plan and goal to be available to our Members in this difficult time to work through this unprecedented time.

In Solidarity


Bart Florence

Business Manager

IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39