IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39
IUOE Stationary Engineers, Local 39

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) was organized and established on December 7, 1896 as a craft labor Union with two divisions.  The first is Hoisting and Portable Engineers, men and women who work predominantly in the construction industry.  The second is the Stationary Engineers, men and women who operate and maintain the physical plant systems in buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and like facilities. 

In 1947, Stationary Engineers, Local 39 was created through the consolidation of nine Local Unions.  Local 39’s philosophy can be summed up in four words: Organize, negotiate, service and train.  Organize effectively, negotiate intelligently, service efficiently, and train extensively.

Local 39 actively fights to improve our members’ quality of life on and off the job, through access to fair wages, good benefits, safe working conditions and solidarity among members. Our members are our Locals – regular people who expect to earn decent wages and benefits for our hard work and commitment to getting the job done right.

Once in the Union, our members get the best contracts possible.  Local 39 members who need the Union’s assistance receive immediate attention.  Representation is provided by a highly trained, full time staff of Business Representatives and attorneys who are specialists in public and private sector employer-employee relations.  These professionals are responsible to bargaining units and members for all components of the representation process.  From first level grievances and contract negotiations, to rights or interest lawsuits, Local 39 is a full service Union.

Local 39 conducts a complete training program open to all our members.  Our training program is a model copied by other Unions and recognized as second to none throughout the United States and Canada.

Mission Statement:

Stationary Engineers, Local 39 exists to provide for the general welfare of its members and to improve the economic position and conditions of employment for its members, their families and workers everywhere.